Tsunami Overrides California Tumbling Tides

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Anticipating the arrival of a historic tsunami with a staggering devastation reputation, California vigilance captures tsunami movement of water inside San Francisco Bay, at the Emeryville Marina…Emeryville, is a tiny westernmost hamlet outpost of Silicone Valley, located between Berkeley and Oakland, East of Treasure Island, East of Alcatraz, East of the Golden Gate.

Sunrise on March 11. 2011 is 6:26 AM arrived promptly on time, as scheduled.

At 8:15 AM PST very placid water, mirror like conditions prevailed in the picturesque Marina. According to NOAA advisories, emergency alerts broadcast throughout the West Coast, tsunami arrival time in San Francisco is 8:17 AM. Water movements at the Emeryville Marina, as well as live Televised media reports at North Point, directly beneath the Golden Gate Bridge at the anticipated time, indicate water receding, exiting the Bay subtly at first.  Within half an hour rapid currents are noted. Beachfront resurfacing at the Marina indicates water volume inside the bay is at a low point.

In effect, water is receding from the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean as water is known to do on shores prior to the arrival of tsunamis.

Lowest water level of the day, occurs circa 9:00 AM. White caps on the edge of the shipping channel outside the breakwater of the Emeryville Marina,  telltale signs the tiramitsu surge finally arrived, coinciding with the Emeryville tsunami video aired on You tube. https://www.youtube.com/watchfeature=player_embedded&v=jdMDCLwblkY

40 feet of beach bottom on the edge of the Marina surface to sunlight,  low waterlines on mooring pilings tethered to boats are  evident.

Changing tides takes place in a time span anywhere from a half to an hour and a half, depending on hi-lo tide level variants, winds, points of shoreline reference, position of the Moon.

Tsunami Whitewater on channel outside Marina

AT 9:15 AM the surge well in place. No sign of low tide water levels remain  on the shoreline. In effect the tsunami surge caused the shortest transition from low to high tide ever witnessed at the .Emeryville Marina.

Incoming tsunami surge is re-energized in the blue depths of the channel sailors navigate coming and going to and from the safety of the harbor. Dredged periodically, this submerged, unobstructed waterway poses the least resistance to wave motion. The resulting tsunami overtakes outgoing, receding flow, forming surface whitecaps visible in picture above, beyond the farthest row of boats, on the edge of the blue channel.

Low tide forecasts at www.saltwatertides.com, the nearest monitored location, the  Berkeley Marina on March 11, 2011 is at 10:29 AM.  As the Sendai, Japanese tsunami surge traveled at its own pace, no visible sign of low tide inside the San Francisco Bay along the East Bay shoreline existed at the prescribed time on this date….

While the tsunami may have been late arriving on the shores of Baghdad by the Bay, low tide proper, as forecast on this day played hooky, totally absent.

A minor detail perhaps, yet like grains of sand together in an oyster’s bed, irritating a mother of pearl shell sheltered by a watery veil, beyond cutting channels of clocking tides, we sail not on dumb currents of fathomed seas but on grains of rice afloat on shuffling floods, ready to be sown in underwater gardens of Pac-rim sea-ghosts.


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