April, 2011 National Poetry Month

2006 National Poetry Month poster, designed by...

Image via WikipediaMidpoint April, 2011, National Poetry Month, Emeryville, California

Halfway through April 2011,

The aroma of ovens  baking Passover bread, unleavened.

The tide is on schedule at the sea wall

Hometown fans cheer teams playing baseball.

Great American novelists prowl on the hunt

The story, the Muse says “April is National Poetry Month.”

An American picture with cadence and rhyme

Iambic Pentameter spotlights the sublime,

April’s word is being spoken, the verse celebrated

Google stock  is down, shareholders are frustrated.

Tax day filers are  filing forms lined up in a row

Can’t escape death and taxes, Ben Franklin said so.

Poets to the rescue, workshops, readings, bookstores

In classrooms and halls learning surges to the fore

In journals, newspapers, magazines, on internet sites

Outreaching in kindergartens,  tiny tot delights

Communicating art forms, language that pleases

Everyday conversations or scholarly thesis

Poetry inspires favorably upon our psyches

On days of our lives, charms everyone likes

Poetry out loud, poetry slams

One heart, many voices, winds shifting sands

On the month of the year when Poets have their way

April also celebrates an entire Earth Day

The audience expands, the culture thrives

National Poetry Month reaches more and more lives.

© A.M Fonda


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